Mount Holyoke College, Hotel Northampton

1st Anniversary thank you from a bride’s mother:

Dear Tom,
Okay, I know I already sent you an email about the wonderful job you did on my daughter’s and son’s-in-law video, but I just had to write again. Because they just had their first anniversary, and because we were together with relatives for the fourth of July, we played the video for everyone. They couldn’t get over how truly beautiful it is. We are amazed that you took a whole day and managed to condense it into a beautiful work of art. I guess in these days, anyone can point a camera and record an event, but your artistic choices on what to film and how to edit it (I suspect the most important part of the job) made it stunning. Thank-you again.

(Laura and Jeremy were married at Abbey Chapel on the campus of Mount Holyoke College, with a reception at the Hotel Northampton.)

The Hotel Northampton

Back at the Hotel Northampton again tonight, always a great place for a reception. Downtown Northampton, Massachusetts, across from the cool Calvin Theater, where many national acts pass through. And just a ten minute drive from my house!

The happy couple today was Laura and Jeremy. Got married at the Abbey Chapel on the Mount Holyoke College campus. Abbey Chapel has wonderful stone architecture and great acoustics—a real hidden gem, if you’re looking for a wedding location. In years past, I had taped a couple of Mount Holyoke College concerts there, including an excellent production of Mozart’s Requiem.