Podcamp Newbie

I spent most of my Saturday at PodCamp Western Mass 6 at the Kittredge Center at Holyoke Community College.

Podcamp Newbie
That’s me in the lower right, in a session led by Adrian Dahlin.

Great first session with Jon Reed on creating content for social media—lots of great tips shared around the room.  Next, Val Nelson led a session on finding your social media sweet spot.  After lunch, Steve Sherlock led a session on how to write a blog post (using his photo below).  Adrian Dahlin of the Conway School facilitated a session on social media challenges for non-profits.  Finally, Paul Bogush led a session on body language and interpreting non-verbal communication.

I learned a lot in every session and would enthusiastically encourage anyone who wants to improve and/or share their experience with social media to attend a podcamp.

Here’s more info on PodCamps.