I love when these connections happen!

I e-mailed a prospective bride a few months ago, and she recently responded. She was watching the “Ron & Jen” wedding video on my website, and absolutely loved their chuppah. She e-mailed me to find out where they they got it. I e-mailed Jen, who explained that she made it herself, but had blogged about the experience and sent me the link. Actually, Jen reposted the very detailed information onto her newest blog, Willow Street Creative, and the prospective bride was very thankful. It’s a must-see!

Jen is an amazingly talented illustrator and artisan who crafted a lot of her wedding accessories. Her blog is filled with detailed descriptions of her handmade wedding items and with great wedding advice, all accompanied by photos. Ron and Jen were married at the Lyman Estate in Waltham, MA.

My favorite Massachusetts wedding sites

Someone asked me this weekend where in Massachusetts I’ve enjoyed shooting the most. It got me thinking about my favorite wedding sites. Here’s a list, in no particular order:

The Log Cabin, terrific views from the side of Mt. Tom in Holyoke, MA. Has the added benefit of being only 5 minutes from my house!

The Gamble Mansion, at the Boston Center for Adult Education. A hidden gem across from the Public Garden, with a spectacular ballroom.

The Boston Harbor Hotel, elegance on the water.

The Cranwell Resort, Lenox, MA, a beautiful building and extensive grounds for photos. Enjoy a 60-mile view of the surrounding hills.

Elm Bank Reservation, Wellesley, MA, home of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. Spectacular!

Lyman Estate, Waltham, MA, great old building (1793) with lots of room inside and out, and gorgeous landscaping.