Tapestry Health

Spent the last two days videotaping interviews and other footage for a promotional video for Tapestry Health. The focus was their programs for the homeless and reentry populations in the Springfield, Massachusetts area. On Tuesday, we interviewed some counselors, participants, and Tapestry Health founder, Leslie Laurie.

I rode along with a counselor around Springfield on Wednesday, getting shots of damage from the June tornado, shooting galleries (for drugs) in the woods and by the railroad tracks, and some economically depressed neighborhoods where their clients live. It was eye-opening to see that side of the city. I was in awe of the task facing Tapestry employees, and impressed by their passion.

From their website: “Tapestry Health is a locally grown community-based provider in Western Massachusetts that offers affordable, high quality care. Our services include family planning, reproductive health exams, STI screenings, HIV counseling and testing, insurance enrollment, needle exchange, community education and outreach, medical case management, a family nutrition program, legislative advocacy, and much more.”

Pearl Bridal Boutique

I was dropping off my taxes at my accountant’s office in Holyoke’s Open Square. As described in their website, Open Square is a new mixed-use urban community in the heart of Holyoke’s Historic Canal District.

As we were discussing weddings, my accountant suggested that I stop in to the Pearl Bridal Boutique in the next building. I hadn’t been there before, so I stopped in and met Ryan, the owner, and explained a little about my business. As for the boutique, it’s very stylish and hip looking, set in a renovated factory building with a lot of brickwork and natural light.

As Ryan put it to me in an e-mail: “We too are trying to do something different. We like to be thought of as a specialty bridal boutique. Meaning that you will find designers and accessories not found anywhere else. Brides are able to sit back, relax, and be pampered in a private loft style setting. They feel like they are in a couture salon in Boston or NY, but are here in W.Mass.”