Massachusetts Horticultural Society

Located just outside Wellesley, MA, the Massachusetts Horticultural Society boasts a gorgeous setting for wedding or corporate events.

The weddings I’ve taped there have all been amazing events. There really isn’t a bad angle for shooting outside. And I love the Hunnewell Building, where the receptions are usually held. As a videographer, I appreciate that the room stays pretty light for shooting, so I don’t have to resort to adding gain, which adds grainy look to the video.

I highly recommend checking out their site if you’re planning a wedding in the Boston area. They are also looking for donations to their Annual Fund, if you’d like to show your support.

Fire Alarm

On Saturday, I was at the Elm Bank Reservation in Wellesley, MA. Elm Bank is the home of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, which has quite beautiful and extensive grounds. The bride and groom, Eliane and Shawn, had the ceremony and reception there. Below is a shot from the ceremony, with a grand vista!

And from the opposite angle, before the ceremony, with the Manor House in the background.

Somehow during the reception, a fire alarm was accidentally pulled, and there was 40 minutes of flashing strobes and an intermittent alarm sound. Everyone continued with the reception as best they could, and fire trucks soon responded. While the firefighters were resetting the alarm, guests were snapping away at the bride and groom in front of the fire truck, as shown below.

Aside from the alarm, the day went very well, with great weather, a beautiful bridal party, and happy guests. Who could ask for more?