Thank You Note

Lately received a thank you note from Sara and Billy, who were married at the Most Holy Redeemer Church in Hadley, MA. Their reception was at the Sheraton Springfield.

“1 word—Fantastic! We love it! Thank you so much for all your work and amazing talent! It is wonderful that there are extra copies for our families! Great Christmas Gift! We truly enjoyed and loved seeing the finished product. We got so many laughs and saw so much we had no idea of. This video will be a continuous reminder of what an amazing day we had. Again I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work you did with our wedding video. I will certainly recommend you to any couple planning a wedding.”

New Year’s Eve Wedding

On New Year’s Eve, I was in Longmeadow, MA for Meaghan and Tom’s wedding. They were married at St. Mary’s Church with the reception at the Longmeadow Country Club. A bit of snow throughout the day made for a beautiful setting, and I got home in time for the New Year’s countdown with visiting friends from Virginia!

Amherst College

On Saturday, I was in Amherst for Krista and Aaron’s wedding. The ceremony was at the Johnson Chapel on the Amherst College campus, with the reception at the Lewis-Sebring Commons, also on the campus.

Great idea: turning their wedding program into a fan, so guests could keep cool!

Got to work with some new (for me) vendors there. Becky Kusek was a great photographer to work with. You’ll see great work on her website—I especially like her nighttime exposures using streetlamps and marquees. Dana Collins was the DJ and kept the party moving. And Erica Kates was the wedding planner who kept everything running smoothly.

Waterford Wedding

On Friday I was in Waterford, CT for Emily and Bryan’s wedding. All events took place at the Eolia Mansion in Harkness Memorial State Park. It’s a beautiful location, overlooking Long Island Sound, with extensive grounds.

It was one of those days we’ve had most of June, threatening rain. After a brief shower while the bride was putting on her gown in an upstairs room, the weather cleared and the decision was made to go ahead with the ceremony outdoors as planned.

The rain held off until the reception began, followed by clearing, and a rainbow appeared over the Sound. (Which always makes the photographers and videographer happy!)

Longmeadow Wedding

Saturday I was in Longmeadow, MA for Kristen and Greg’s wedding. They were married at St. Mary’s Church and had their reception at the Longmeadow Country Club. I’ll post some stills when I get them uploaded.

I like shooting at St. Mary’s. The long center aisle and the balcony give a lot of options for covering the procession and recessional. The Country Club has a lot of beautiful spots for outdoor photos, and the main house is broken up into several rooms for cocktails and dinner, with an outside tented patio for dancing.

South Hadley Wedding

On Saturday, I was in three towns for Amy and Chris’s wedding. We started in Easthampton, MA for some quick shots at the bride’s parent’s house. Then on to All Saints Episcopal Church in South Hadley. It was packed with guests—it was standing room only, and on what felt like the only hot day in June! After some formal photos at the church, we ended up at Oak Ridge Country Club in Feeding Hills.

Williamstown Wedding

On Saturday, I was in Williamstown, MA for Jess and Michael’s wedding. They are both Williams College alums, and were married at the Williams College Chapel. The reception was just up the street at the Williams Inn.

We had great weather and were able to do some shots in some of their favorite places around campus.

Lenox Wedding

On Sunday, I was in Lenox for Arian and Aaron’s wedding. They were married at Cranwell Resort on a beautiful May day. The ceremony was outdoors on the beautiful lawn. Everything was so enjoyable, from the ketubah signing to the reception toasts. There wasn’t a moment where people weren’t smiling and laughing.

The Cranwell staff, under the direction of Samantha Talora, was superb, as usual!

Happy Mother of the Bride

Just sent out Allison and Eric’s video. They were married at St. Mary’s Church in Longmeadow, MA, with the reception at Longmeadow Country Club. Got this e-mail from the Allison’s mother:

“The videos arrived today. What an absolutely wonderful job you did capturing so much detail as well as all the warm feelings. Everything is clear and beautiful and the sound is fantastic. Thank you so very much. It was worth the wait!!!!”

Hotel Northampton Video, Happy Bride

Why Didn’t I Post This Earlier? Am I out of my mind? I received a fabulous note from a wedding client in April, but never posted it. Laura and Jeremy were married at the Abbey Chapel at Mount Holyoke College, with the reception at the Hotel Northampton, in Northampton, MA:

Dear Tom,

My husband and I are completely blown away by your work. You really captured the essence of the day. When you asked me what sort of feel I wanted the video to have, I told you “fairytale.” I was so impressed by the way you added those fairytale/magical elements without it becoming cheesey or silly. You still retained the elegant/romantic quality while infusing a magical/fairytale element, and it truly is a work of art. A great example of this balance between elegance and fairytale is in the opening you created for the video. In this opening, you took shots of the outside of the chapel before people have arrived, and you allow us to hear the wind blowing, the birds chirping, and to see the trees swaying in the wind. It feels so magical and at the same time sacred, and it is such a brilliant way to begin the story. It felt like the opening to an epic romance film!

And you go on to capture so many moving moments throughout the day. We were truly impressed to find that watching the video felt like we were stepping back in time. The way you captured the walk down the aisle was just so beautiful. And the way you edit the ceremony was perfect. We feel there is nothing missing from the ceremony and yet at the same time it is certainly edited in a way so that the ceremony does not feel long.

We also love what you did with the highlights section. You really surprised me when you went from black and white to color as I walked down the aisle and changed the music from the original “A Dream is A Wish Your heart Makes” to the contemporary pop version to match the color change. That was a really inspired choice and I really love it. The highlights feel like a music video of all the best moments of the day.

I don’t know if you did this on purpose, but Jeremy noticed that the first words we hear spoken in the video is Jeremy saying to the groomsmen “let’s move forward” (meaning let’s go into the chapel.) It is such a symbolic way to begin the video. We also love how in the opening, when you are showing the chapel and the nature around the chapel, you show two of what I think are lilies of the valley. They look like little wedding bells and there are also two of them. Again, it just seemed very symbolic.

We also loved how you used the music requests we had. The change to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” fit so perfectly with the change of mood. And we did notice how the lyrics matched different moments of the film. And we love how you used the instrumentation of “Storybook Love.”

I think one of my favorite moments is the first dance between my husband and I. You really captured all of the intimacy and emotion of the moment. It was lovely to watch and to remember what we were feeling and thinking as we danced. You just struck such a perfect balance between capturing the funny and light moments and capturing the emotional and romantic moments.

We think we may want to order the raw footage just so that we have it, but we feel like you really captured everything. And the editing is so flawless, and it truly feels more like a film than a boring/long wedding video. My husband, to be honest, was fairly indifferent to the idea of a video since he is camera shy, but he has rewatched this video over and over again because he loves all of the memories and moments captured.

You were definitely one of the best investments and choices we made for that day. You far exceeded our expectations for the wedding video.

Thank you so much for making this truly a work of art. And I know that when we watch this on our 50th anniversary, we will still feel so much gratitude that we had such a wonderful artist capturing our day for us.


Massachusetts Horticultural Society

Located just outside Wellesley, MA, the Massachusetts Horticultural Society boasts a gorgeous setting for wedding or corporate events.

The weddings I’ve taped there have all been amazing events. There really isn’t a bad angle for shooting outside. And I love the Hunnewell Building, where the receptions are usually held. As a videographer, I appreciate that the room stays pretty light for shooting, so I don’t have to resort to adding gain, which adds grainy look to the video.

I highly recommend checking out their site if you’re planning a wedding in the Boston area. They are also looking for donations to their Annual Fund, if you’d like to show your support.

Thank you note

Just received from Kelly and Ryan, who were married at Elms College Chapel in Chicopee, MA and had their reception at the Yankee Pedlar Inn in Holyoke:

Dear Tom,
Wow! What an amazing job you did creating our wedding video! Not only are Ryan and I thrilled with the results, you also impressed my mother and my mother-in-law! We are so happy with your work and we are certain the DVDs will get plenty of use. Thank you so much!!

Lord Jeffery Inn

Met with Anne and Jiuming last night about doing their wedding video. They are getting married at St. Brigid’s Church in Amherst, MA with a reception at the Lord Jeffery Inn, also in Amherst.

The question of high definition (HD) came up, and we talked about how important is it, is it worth the extra cost, what are the differences between standard def and high def. I thought Jiuming made a great point when he suggested that the video be shot using the typical technology of the day, which, in this case, would be standard definition. Your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding might have been captured on silent black-and-white film, placing it in a cultural and historical context. In the same way, shooting in standard definition now places your wedding in a specific cultural and historical context—so maybe you don’t need to fret about high def versus standard.

To be sure, I love to use the new technology, I can shoot in HD, and I enjoy HD projects, so I’m ready for the next era of wedding video, too.

La Renaissance

Met with Theresa and Ben in West Hartford today about producing their wedding video. They are getting married at St. Michael’s in East Longmeadow, MA with a reception at La Renaissance in East Windsor, CT.

They are expecting a big crowd with 350 guests—not to worry, the La Renaissance can handle up to 800!