Video Production During Pandemic

Many events I would typically film have been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions: conferences, lectures, arts performances, and sports. I’ve redirected a bit to help clients get out their messages during this time of social distancing and remote work.

Dr. Alan Goldberg help athletes with slumps and mental blocks.

I’ve had clients film themselves, and then send me their footage to edit, add graphics, and post to social media. Alan Goldberg, the sports performance consultant mentioned in my last post, is doing that. The Smith College Museum of Art sent me some footage of an exhibit they filmed just before the museum closed for the pandemic, and I edited that for use on their website so patrons would still have a chance to see it. More to come from the museum this fall, as the campus remains closed.

Smith College Museum of Art Dust Bowl exhibit.

I filmed some parts of the Williston Northampton School’s 2020 Virtual Commencement, where a few speakers were masked and well-spaced, and I was a good distance away. I filmed the Hartsbrook School’s High School Commencement, which was held outside, with masks, generous distancing, and families watching from their cars and listening over the radio.

Hartsbrook High School’s socially-distanced graduation.

I’ve been back at Williston this month to film updates on coronavirus-related campus changes. Classrooms, dining services, and health services were all featured.

Dr. Peter Elsea updates faculty on Williston’s COVID protocols.

Not everything is COVID-centered, thankfully. I’ll be at the Children’s Advocacy Center later this week to film some promotional material on their mission and process. When filming, I follow any COVID related rules while on a client site. Otherwise, I will be following current best practices regarding masks and social distancing.


Help the Athlete In Your Life Navigate the Coronavirus Era

I’ve been doing a lot of editing this summer for Dr. Alan Goldberg, an Amherst-based sports performance consultant. Usually, he’s helping athletes get over slumps and blocks, and generally improving performance. But when the coronavirus led to the cancelling of seasons, championships, and even team practices, Alan knew there would be a lot of new challenges for athletes. He’s been posting two new YouTube videos per week since April helping athletes deal with this new reality.

Because of COVID restrictions, we are working remotely right now. I helped Alan get set up with a refresher training for using his camera and uploading his footage, and things are flowing very smoothly. I download his self-filmed footage, edit, add graphics as needed, and upload to YouTube for him, finishing up with all of the administrative stuff that goes along with a YouTube channel. He’s got 26 videos in this series so far.

Seriously, if you know an athlete at any level in any sport who has lost their motivation, trains less, feels depressed, or can’t get going, have them check these videos out!


Sports Recruiting Video

On Saturday, I was at the New Haven Track & Field Center, shooting a recruiting video for two runners, a brother and sister. Sports recruiting videos are often used to give a college coach their first impression of a high school athlete. They are more commonly used in basketball, soccer, baseball, or football recruiting.

I taped each athlete running a 1600m race, and they each won their heat! What’s usually done next is adding graphics & text, like a short bio or list of accomplishments. Freeze frames and graphic arrows can be used to highlight a player, so the coach knows who they’re supposed to be watching.

With scholarship money hanging in the balance, recruiting videos are becoming a common investment for potential college athletes.