Violin Audition

On Tuesday, I videotaped an audition for a violin camp. Apparently, certain camps are getting very competitive, with students expected to submit a professional-looking demo. The 13-year-old violinist sounded great, playing two very complex pieces (a little daunting for me, since I just got a violin for Christmas and I’m having trouble with “Twinkle, Twinkle”).

I had done another one of these a couple of years ago for someone doing a singing demo for another camp. I love doing these just to see the talent that’s hiding out here in the valley.

The Hartsbrook School

Taping today at the Hartsbrook School in Hadley, MA. Got a little bit of wet-on-wet watercolor painting in the two kindergarten classrooms. So sweet! Also, some of the kindergarteners were hauling around big wooden boards and things to make slides and pirate ships in their classroom.

Then, off to the eighth grade for a physics class. Learning about water displacement, their challenge was to shape a 8-by-8 inch sheet of aluminum foil so that it could hold the maximum number of pennies while floating in water. Looked like a lot of fun. When I left, one group had reported floating 104 pennies in their boat. Try it at home!